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Do you love yourself or do you hate yourself? Based on the number of people who read our blog, 5 Things to Think or Do When You Hate Yourself, if you lean more towards hating yourself you are NOT alone. Many people suffer from low self-esteem and we want to help you change your perspective.

Self-esteem reflects your overall evaluation of your own worth. It is the decision made by an individual to view themselves in either a positive or negative light, resulting in either high or low self-esteem. Self-esteem encompasses beliefs about oneself such as “I am competent” or “I am a loser.”

At TheHopeLine we address how to break the cycle of self-hate and build a healthy respect for yourself.

Additionally, within the topic of self-esteem fall a lot of other issues. For example, perhaps your low self-worth causes you to resort to negative behaviors, such as self-harm, eating disorders or even suicidal ideation. Or perhaps your low self-esteem is the result of bullying or school pressures.

After 25 years of talking with young adults we’ve heard it all, never judged, and provided hope. All of this and more is addressed here.

Through blogs, eBooks, stories, podcasts and more find answers to these kinds of questions and much more:
.   Why do you hate yourself?
.   What is true beauty?
.   What can I do when I feel suicidal?
.   How can I be happier?
.   How can I silence the shame?

Most Recent Blogs on Self-Esteem

Who Does God Say That I Am?


In Christ… I Am Accepted I am a child of God. (John 1:12) I am Jesus’ chosen friend. (John 15:15) I am holy and acceptable to God (justified). (Rom. 5:1) I am united to the Lord and am one spirit with Him. (1 Cor. 3:16) I have been bought with..Read more

Consequences of Cutting


I have been, for the last several weeks, blogging about cutting. It is not easy, or pretty. But neither is cancer, and we deal with it everyday. Cutting is a nasty, horrific addiction. There is nothing quite like it, short of suicide. Though most cutters would claim they don’t want..Read more

How Can I Find Hope?


LIFE. It can be really, stinkin’ hard sometimes, right? When your situation gets really tough…You just can’t find happiness anymore…Everything seems to be going against you… What keeps you from just giving up? HOPE. Have you ever wondered, “How Can I Find Hope?” Hope keeps you hanging on because it allows..Read more

How Can I Learn to Love Myself?


I want you to hear this message today. It’s time to love yourself! I know for SO, SO many people this is hard. I’m overwhelmed with the number of messages I receive every week that are full of self-loathing. Here are just a few of the many received JUST. THIS...Read more

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Schalk’s Story: The Buildup of Emotional Strain


I Only Ever Loved One Woman The heartbreak broke me completely and so badly that I went and did drugs, something I was against completely. Before she left me and after she left me, I died inside and I tried to take my life a few times after we broke..Read more

Tania’s Story: Not Believing In Myself


I always felt worthless…not good enough, not smart, nor beautiful. I wanted to do things that I knew weren’t right, but I wanted to do those things to forget…to forget what I was going through at the moment . I felt like everyone around me disliked me. I was so..Read more

Adeline’s Story: “I Wrote a Suicide Note”


Every morning, I would wake up and ask myself, “Will I make it through today without crying?” One day, I got fed up with it all. With my sadness, with being ignored, everything. I wrote a suicide note, prepared to take my life. That’s when everything flashed before my eyes...Read more

Elanor’s Story: Depression, Self-harm, Suicide


I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t feeling sad. I hope I haven’t always been, but ever since I was little I used to think there was always something telling me I was worthless and ugly; I thought my brain was broken. When I grew up my brother was..Read more

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Free eBook: Understanding a Relationship with God

A guide to understanding the basics of Christianity and a meaningful relationship with God.  Do You Feel Like Life is Meaningless? Are you wondering what your purpose is? Do you have questions about what Christians believe or what it means to be a Christian? At TheHopeLine we believe real and lasting HOPE can only come […]

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